George Messa

George’s work has taken him around the globe creating filmic, premium commercials and documentaries. His visual style is heavily influenced by his passion for cinema and landscape photography.


Always wanting to tell stories through film, documentaries have been a natural path for George’s career. Collaborating with people from all over the world, thorough research is essential to unearth the best possible narrative, whilst getting to know the subjects on a personal level helps ease out natural, on screen performances.


Working across all varieties of budgets, from run and gun documentaries in -25C Lapland, to full scale film production in Cape Town (within the same month). Shooting all across the world, George relishes the challenges of filmmaking from hiking equipment up Arctic mountains, to helicopter shots in the Guatemalan volcanoes, from shooting on multi million pound racing yachts, to printing out his own call sheet.

David is always searching to unearth the emotional truth of any story, whilst challenging the senses of the audience.

About George
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