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Lance Doty



Lance Doty is an award-winning filmmaker and commercial director who has been widely praised for his versatile style of filmmaking and ability to tell human stories with a unique cinematic approach. This style has been applied to brands such as UPS, New Balance, Castrol, Reebok and Aetna to name a few. With a background in television, advertising, music videos and feature films, Lance works across a variety of mediums.

His first film, NOISE starring Giancarlo Esposito ( The Usual Suspects, Breaking Bad ), Trish Goff, Ally Sheedy and John Slattery ( Captain America: Civil War, Spotlight, Mad Men ) premiered at the Santa Barbara Film Festival and continued an international festival run taking home many top awards before being acquired by ThinkFilms for domestic distribution and the Slamdance Media Group internationally.

His feature film, ‘Shoot First and Pray You Live (because luck has nothing to do with it)’ took the Independent Spirit Award at the Santa Fe Film Festival before being acquired and distributed by Lionsgate. The film stars Jim Gaffigan ( Yes, the comedian) , Chris Browning ( Terminator Salvation) , Richard Tyson ( There’s Something about Mary) , John Doman ( Mystic River, The Wire) , and James Russo ( Django Unchained) . His work on the film also garnered a nomination for Heineken’s prestigious Red Star Award for Independent Filmmaking.

Lance currently resides in NYC and is a co-owner of Homestead, a production, editorial, and independent film company. A native of Alexandria, Virginia, Lance attended James Madison University while on a football scholarship and has a bad knee to prove it.