Production is normalizing outside the U.S.
and we have directors located in many of those countries.

We’re as happy as anyone that production is normalizing in many countries outside the U.S. as we’re itching to get back to work.

With directors based in many of these countries, this gives you the ability to have a director on-set with actors and crew as opposed to being restricted to working with someone directing remotely. Those countries include:

Denmark • Finland • Estonia • Canada • Portugal • Sweden • Australia

This means that our directors, crews, and actors can assemble, cast, prep, and work somewhat like we used to (with added safety protocols). Agencies and clients can use remote video feeds to attend the shoots from the comfort and safety of their homes or offices.

**Please CONTACT US if you’d like to see a custom reel for directors in any of the above mentioned countries.


  • Everyone speaks English. Not everyone is blonde.
  • As a rule Scandinavian on screen talent is very good, and has an extremely high proficiency in English – with most people being fluent.
  • Choices for principle talent speaking languages other than English, Swedish or Danish will be limited. Ethnic diversity is possible as well.
  • On an international scale, buyout rates are very low.

Our directors based in Denmark.

Mikkel Blaabjerg

HumanityPerformance – Visual Storytelling – Cinematic – Social Cause

Sune Albinus

Lifestyle – Visual Storytelling – Cinematic – PerformanceHumanity


Comedy – Performance – Dialogue

Location Examples in Denmark

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  • No movement restrictions within the country.
  • No restrictions for accessing public locations (indoors and outdoors), except for healthcare institutions.
  • Shoots are allowed with up to 50 crew members in June, and with max 500 people from July.
  • Over 2000 islands and almost 4000 km of coastline.
  • Summer lasts from May to September with up to 19 hours of sunlight.
  • Short location moves with a max 3-4 hours drive from one end of the country to the other.
  • Christopher Nolan’s latest film, Tenet, was shot in Estonia.

Finland, Latvia and Lithuania borders opened again for travel and shoot. With the ability to travel between the Baltic’s and Finland without any limitations, cast and locations from all 4 countries are available.

Our director based in Estonia.

Helen Takkin

HumanityCinematic – Narrative – Lifestyle – Visual Storytelling – Performance

Location Examples in Estonia

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Since the beginning of May, production in Portugal has been up and running with lockdown rules being eased off. With the Coronavirus curve flattened, Portugal is amongst the few European countries issuing film permits for all public locations.

With almost 300 days of Sun, it’s impossible not to love Portugal. The light is unique, it’s, production is very cost effective, great cast, quick and easy permit processes, easy to shoot with kids (no special license required by law ). From North to South the country can offer Snow, Mountains, Beaches, Amazing Roads, Old Towns, Modern Cities, and Trendy Places.

The protocol being enforced for productions is now as follows:

  • No limit on the size of crew & team.
  • No quarantine necessary.
  • Person-to-person distancing to be kept at 6feet
  • PPE, such as masks, are to be used primarily in confined spaces but, gloves, medical gowns & face-shields are also to be considered for specific situations (make-up, hair styling and wardrobe dressing where the 2m distancing rule can not be applied)
  • Monitoring of body temperature upon crew’s arrival on set
  • Sanitizing routines of commonly shared spaces (WCs, water dispensers, catering sites, wardrobe & make-up motorhomes, etc)
  • Readily available alcohol gel
  • Individually packed meals for catering, craft service reduced to water in individual water bottles and fruits with peel to be removed (bananas, citric fruits, etc)

Our directors based in Portugal

Steve Green

Performance – Visual Storytelling – Lifestyle – Cinematic

Silverio Canto

Visual Storytelling – Cinematic – Performance – Sports – Lifestyle

Location Examples in Portugal

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