About Sam
With a liberal arts education and a brief stint in the financial industry, Sam somehow landed in post-production early in his working career.  With no previous advertising and/or film experience, Sam took an entry level job at Homestead and has never looked back.  Being introduced to the world of editing was like tasting something sweet for the first time and he couldn’t get enough.

Sam has enjoyed editing a variety of commercials, branded content, documentaries and independent films (one of which he helped produce), picking up a few accolades along the way.  He has been fortunate enough to work with an array of clients and has an ability to seamlessly cross between different genres and editing styles.  His even temperament and deadpan humor is a nice complement to a sometimes frantic advertising business.  However, don’t let his low key personality be mistaken for a lack of passion.  Sam takes great pride in his work and is always searching for a way to elevate the final product.
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