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About Simon Levene

It has been commented that Simon is an outstanding casting and performance director. And that isn’t even his Mum talking. If he’s good at it, Simon reckons he knows why, it would drive the fear of God into him to stand in front of a camera, so he always sympathizes with those that do.

Although his Mum wouldn’t understand this bit, when it comes to filmmaking Simon has the talent to craft any visual or narrative style of work. From hand held documentary to meticulous composition, Simon does whatever’s best for the idea whilst still being nice to the actors.

The word “quirky” crops up a lot as a description of Simon’s work. So he looked it up. One definition was “different, but in a good way”. He’ll settle for that.

Simon is excited to have won awards all over the world for his commercials and short film work yet is disappointed to find out that most other directors have done the same. Simon’s awards include Cannes lions, Clios and prizes at The One Show, BTA London, D&AD, and the Venice Film Festival.

Having already achieved his sole professional goal of obtaining a signed photo of himself and Woody Allen he lives contentedly in London, continuing to direct commercials and develop long form projects.


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