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The New Normal



***    First and foremost, we recognize the challenges many of you may be going through, and we genuinely do want to help. If you have recently been laid off or furloughed — please get in touch with us and let us know how we can assist you. 

• Can we help you build a better website, portfolio, or resume?
• Can we re-cut a spot for you?
• Can we work on a spec spot with you that will help build your portfolio or for a pitch?
• Can we put you in touch with someone at an agency, production, or post-production company?
• Can we just put in a good word for you?

Whatever the request, we’ll try and do what we can to support you. Otherwise, please stay safe as best you can.  ***

For everyone else, we want to provide some more practical solutions. With borders closed and travel impossible, the previous reliance on live-action production in most areas will not happen for some time. However, the lack of physical interaction doesn’t necessarily mean there are zero options to still create something impactful.

As a company, we’ve consistently prided ourselves in our ability to offer creative solutions to any problem. A global pandemic is no exception. We’ve always been adept at being scrappy while still delivering work that exceeds expectations. Having the capacity to combine LIVE-ACTION PRODUCTION, EDITORIAL, ANIMATION, and VFX under one roof has been in our wheelhouse for a long-time.

As always, Health and Safety for all of you first. Being mindful of these realities, we’ve laid out some different approaches to embrace the new rules without hindering the creative process. We are happy to provide creative solutions in any way we can.

Love, Homestead

‘Social Distancing’ Approaches To Consider

Directing Remotely

From director João Marques, this spot for client Limiano was recently directed remotely and with the use of iPhones and Zoom. João, a former drummer, even makes an appearance in the spot. This is one of many examples of ways in which ideas can be executed creatively, quickly, and efficiently.

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UGC (the new catch-phrase) & Stock

Another example of a spot we recently completed celebrates the idea that great work can still happen from home. With tremendous resources and remote editing, finishing, VO recording, and some after-effects, we were able to quickly put this spot together, considering the urgency to get the message out.

Considering Animation?

How amazing would it be to have a two-time academy award-nominated director and animator execute your idea? Considered the king of indie animation, Bill Plympton would be a great option for those seeking alternatives to live-action.

Purely VFX

While much of the industry is working at home, CG work can be used to create any location you can imagine.

Utilizing our relationship with La Posta VFX, every element of an entire campaign can be created entirely with VFX. Check out their exceptional work.

International Productions

Believe it or not, there are still a few countries allowing filming to go on as usual. With an International Roster, we have talent that are based In some of these countries. Yes, travel is still an issue, but you can take advantage of larger crews for some bigger ideas while supervising entirely remotely.

With a roster of GEOGRAPHICALLY DIVERSE TALENT and the ability to direct remotely, we have listed a few countries (click image to the right) and current travel and shooting restrictions.