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Alexander Haines found his way in the world of live music production, touring with a variety of huge artists before taking a step sideways into Advertising, joining Anomaly London.


It was at Anomaly where he taught himself to edit in his down time, before having a camera put in his hand for a behind-the-scenes on the morning of a shoot for Sony. And so it Began.


It quickly became something he both enjoyed and had a talent for. He began shooting in-house at Anomaly before moving over to TBWA, making films for bands such as Converse, Infiniti, Adidas and Nissan. He then spent time at Big Balls Films before moving over to Pulse films.


Alex's diverse background means he always provides a fresh perspective on every brief. He has a director's eye for detail and an editor's appetite for storytelling - always searching to unearth the emotional truth of any story.