[accordion_item title=”ALEXANDER HAINES”]Alexander doesn’t do traditional. He came to directing via the varied worlds of trawler man, market salesmen, brick mover, timber expert, tour manager, celeb assistant and video editor.

Partnering a director’s eye for detail with an editor’s appetite for storytelling, he is always searching to unearth the emotional truth of any story, whilst challenging the senses of the audience.[/accordion_item]

Lifestyle – Visual Storytelling – Cinematic – Performance – Automotive

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[accordion_item title=”BAD HOMBRES”]A winning combination between storytelling and outstanding visual FX, is what this Mexico City born and based directing duo do best. Formerly trained as post producers, editors and animators they seamlessly find the way to integrate many techniques to their peculiar way of seeing the world, and telling stories.[/accordion_item]

Visual Storytelling – VFX – Cinematic – Comedy – Performance

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[accordion_item title=”BEN LACOUR”]While Ben was a student at Film School in Brussels, he started to work as an assistant director on commercials and films. Working his way up the ranks, from assistant director to assistant producer, he became an international producer for several companies in Belgium at the tender age of 25.

In those five years, he produced scores of commercials, making spots for Belgian, French and UK agencies with directors such as Tony Kaye, Zhang Yimou, Raf Wathion, Ric Cantor, Robert Nylund, John Mathieson and many more. With this experience under his belt, he went back to his first love and started directing commercials and music videos.

Ben uses all his producer skills together with his sensitive vision to always seek a strong emotional, poetic, realistic and cinematographic approach to filmmaking. He has worked for clients such as Algerie Telecom, Mastercard, Samsung, Amnesty International, Kronenbourg, Mobilis and Credit Agricole.[/accordion_item]

Visual Storytelling – Lifestyle – Cinematic

[accordion_item title=”DAVID HARNER”]David began his career as an executive creative director, working in New York for such large ad agencies as BBDO, Y&R, Lowe and Leo Burnett (Chicago), and received numerous awards for his work, including gold, silver and bronze Cannes Lions, Andy’s and Clios.

After 10 years in advertising, David transitioned into a successful directing career. With his advertising background, David has the unique ability to relate to creatives while still keeping an ear to his clients’ needs.

His work exudes a deep understanding of the human spirit and a powerful ability to communicate ideas, which is evident in his commercials for Chrysler, Kraft, McDonalds, Allstate, Toyota, General Mills, Rogers, Folgers and his Emmy award-winning spot for Hallmark, “Required Reading.”[/accordion_item]

Performance – Emotional Storytelling – Narrative – Lifestyle

[accordion_item title=”GEORGE MESSA”] George’s work has taken him around the globe creating filmic, premium commercials and documentaries. His visual style is heavily influenced by his passion for cinema and landscape photography.

Always wanting to tell stories through film, documentaries have been a natural path for George’s career. Collaborating with people from all over the world, thorough research is essential to unearth the best possible narrative, whilst getting to know the subjects on a personal level helps ease out natural, on screen performances.

Working across all varieties of budgets, from run and gun documentaries in -25C Lapland, to full scale film production in Cape Town (within the same month). Shooting all across the world, George relishes the challenges of filmmaking from hiking equipment up Arctic mountains, to helicopter shots in the Guatemalan volcanoes, from shooting on multi million pound racing yachts, to printing out his own call sheet.[/accordion_item]

Cinematic – Documentary – Sports – Visual Storytelling – Automotive

[accordion_item title=”HELEN TAKKIN”]Helen was born at an interesting time of the dissolution of the Soviet Union, in a country that sang itself free. She has always wanted to tell stories – being it the plays she put on for her family, or the poems she wrote, or the films she makes now.

She feels that this is what defines her. She believes that a good story can save your soul from loneliness, at a time of desperation or push you to open your eyes and see the bright side of life. In her work she thinks it is important to find a good balance between controlling every detail and letting things run its course. She also believes in people and always wants to bring out the best in them, both in front and behind the camera.[/accordion_item]

Cinematic – Narrative – Lifestyle – Visual Storytelling – Performance

[accordion_item title=”LANCE DOTY”]Lance Doty is an award-winning director, producer and writer who has been widely praised for his versatile style of filmmaking. This style has been applied to brands such as UPS, New Balance, Castrol, Reebok and Aetna to name a few. With a background in television, advertising, music videos and feature films, Lance works across a variety of mediums.

His first film, NOISE starring Giancarlo Esposito ( The Usual Suspects, Breaking Bad ), Trish Goff and John Slattery ( Captain America: Civil War, Spotlight, Mad Men ) premiered at the Santa Barbara Film Festival and continued an international festival run taking home many top awards before being acquired by ThinkFilms for domestic distribution and the Slamdance Media Group internationally.

His feature film, the western SHOOT FIRST AND PRAY YOU LIVE took the Independent Spirit award at the Santa Fe Film Festival before being acquired and distributed by Lionsgate. The film stars James Russo (Django Unchained), Jim Gaffigan (Chappaquiddick), Jeff Hephner (Interstellar), Chris Browning (Bright), and John Doman (You Were Never Really Here). His work on the film also garnered a nomination for Heineken’s prestigious Red Star Award for Independent Filmmaking.

Lance currently resides in NYC and is a co-owner of Homestead, a production, editorial, and independent film company. A native of Alexandria, Virginia, Lance attended James Madison University while on a football scholarship and has a really bad knee to prove it.[/accordion_item]

Performance – Dialogue – Real People – Lifestyle – Sports – Celebrity

[accordion_item title=”MARCUS LIVERSEDGE”]Marcus is an award-winning TV writer/director and recent BAFTA member who has progressed into creating short-form advertising work with a comedy sensibility.

Marcus started directing in Television for the BBC and won the International Emmy in 2007. He wrote and directed the Adele prank for the BBC in 2016 which went viral. It has over 72 million views on YouTube. The most hits a single BBC filmhas ever received.

He recently directed the drama promo for Amazon Prime for American Gods Series 2 launch. Receiving much critical acclaim from Freemantle, STARZ and Amazon.

Recent commercials for EE, Samsung, Diageo, HSBC, Kelloggs, American Eagle, McDonalds, Amazon Prime, Google (shot live during Superbowl) and most recently Hotels.com.[/accordion_item]

Hidden Camera – Comedy – Celebrity – Performance – Real People

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[accordion_item title=”MARIO GOMEZ”]Mario Gomez is a tabletop director. His personal research projects led him to specialize on his passions: food and product. He creates visual sensations by perfectly combining textures with colors, treated with a macro lens. He has carried out his personal productions directing short films and awarded video clips, participating in video art expositions, both individual and collective, and collaborating in all sorts of projects as a photographer, director, or soundtrack composer. That brought him the opportunity to play with his lenses and create new feelings and emotions, searching for ways to express himself. He has carried out his personal productions directing short films and awarded video clips, participating in video art expositions, both individual and collective, and collaborating in all sorts of projects as a photographer, director, or soundtrack composer. We LOVE his freedom of expression and curiosity.[/accordion_item]

Tabletop – Macro Camerawork – Food Porn

[accordion_item title=”MIKKEL BLAABJERG”]Blaabjerg grew up at the harshest part of Northern Denmark between fjord and sea. With artistic parents in the 70´s he found a natural playground for art and music.

He is the problem solver who needs to explore and understand the creative core of ideas coming from clients, to heighten the storytelling and create powerful films that blend the borders between entertainment and commercials.[/accordion_item]

Performance – Visual Storytelling – Cinematic – Social Cause

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[accordion_item title=”RORY MCKELLAR”]Rory Mckellar has had over twenty years of professional experience spanning the Television, Commercial and Film industries in the both the US and UK markets.

Rory began his career working for the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, NBC, HBO and Discovery on documentaries and factual entertainment. TV shows such as West Coast Customs and other automotive series led him to a deeper understanding of how to convey the aesthetics and exhilaration of cars and lifestyle.

In the commercial industry Rory Mckellar has directed campaigns for Range Rover, Jaguar, Suzuki, Hyundai, Toyota, Sony, Pepsi, as well as artists Madness, Cliff Richard, Say Lou Lou and Pixie Lott.

Rory Mckellar’s films have won awards including; 2013 Marketing Excellence Award; 2014 Cannes Lions: Bronze; 2014 Clio Silver; 2014 Kinsale Sharks: Gold Award; 2015 British Arrows: Bronze; 2015 D&AD Award: 2 x Wood Pencil; 2015 OBIE Gold; 2015 Golden Award of Montreux; 2015 Creative Circle Awards: 3 Gold Awards; 2015 ADWEEK: Viral Director of the Year; 2016 Cannes Lion: Bronze; 2018 Creative Circle: Silver.

With a varied career history Rory Mckellar’s long term passion for automotive has now become the focus of his commercial work.[/accordion_item]

Automotive – Visual Storytelling – Cinematic

[accordion_item title=”SAVA”]Sava was born in Mexico City. He has shot for clients such as: El Museo Internacional de Futból in Pachuca, México, La Copa Coca-Cola for the UAE in Dubai, The Qatar Cup for Ooredoo, and the MDJS Sports Lotto in Morocco, which featured National team players from Arsenal, Milan, Tottenham Hotspur, and Queens Park Rangers.

Salvador also shot for Samsung in Mexico with star players from the Mexican National Team, including Rafa Marquez. Other productions include Club América Club for Nike and the Tuzos Pachuca Tuzos and León.

Recently he has ben focusing on lifestyle stories, natural vignettes, and taking on new challenges with “cases” or “viral” spots. He made it to the shortlist in Cannes for Nokia in Mexico. Most recently he directed a viral campaign for MasterCard Surprises, for which he developed a Star Wars Mapping at the National Conservatory in Moscow. Major clients include Chevrolet, Nissan, Marinela, Pepsico, Televisa, Banorte, and Heineken.[/accordion_item]

Narrative – Visual Storytelling – Cinematic – Sports

[accordion_item title=”SILVERIO CANTO”]With a life full of adventures from being a snowboarding instructor to training as a pilot in California and having surfed every corner of the globe… Silvério was always an enthusiast for any film medium, exploring several. He now brings all his passion and inspiration to his own films.

Silverio worked several years on foreign productions, gaining much experience and learning from some of the best directors and cinematographers including Ivan Zacharias, Daniel Barber, Anton Corbijn, Ringan Ledwidge, Joe Roman, Vilmos Zsigmond to name but a few … Silvério has always been inspired by great photography; in 2007 he decided to study film in Prague. Since his return to Portugal he started directing; his first commercial “Autistics” was nominated for the Portuguese shortlist of CCP and his second, “Parkour” was nominated for the Cannes Lions 2010 short list, this same spot was selected by Shots magazine along with another, “Archive”. He was also shortlisted again in 2011 for the Cannes Lions with a multimedia spot projected for MTV. He has won some other national prizes like a Gold in Craft for the Nos Air Race film. Since then he also started shooting internationally in several countries from Italy to Lebanon.

In addition to his directing career, Silvério produced two short films and one documentary for the Maestro Manoel de Oliveira which took him to Venice, São Paulo, Rome, Paris and Tokyo film festivals.[/accordion_item]

Visual Storytelling – Cinematic – Performance – Sports – Lifestyle

[accordion_item title=”SIMON LEVENE”]Simon began directing at the tender age of 25 after an already previously successful career film editing in Los Angeles alongside Hank Corwin (credits include; Natural Born Killers, the Tree of life, the Big Short).

Simon’s advertising awards include; Jiffy condoms (Cannes bronze Lion, silver at the British Television Awards, silver Clio in the U.S). Simon was also included in the Cannes/Saatchis new directors, selected as one of the ten new hottest directors in the world.

Simon subsequently developed a unique and identifiable directorial style, working initially on performance driven work, often with real people or children. Simon has since demonstrated a highly diverse range of skills on work for MTV, Sony, Volvo, Visa, Renault, Umbro (Gold Circle award, included in the 1999 D&AD annual for best direction), Workoplis.com (winner, I.B.A awards in Las Vegas), Florida department of Health (silver clio, silver at the one show in NYC).

Tube Poker (a quirky mockumentary about a gambling craze sweeping the globe) was Simon’s first short film, which he wrote and directed. It was selected for competition for the Venice Film Festival, (wins also include Brussels Film Festival, Benacassim, Spain) and was also a winner at the Oscar recognised, Gijon film festival in Spain.

Simon’s most recent short “Shoreditch Slayer” was a finalist at the Rushes Soho shorts Festival and recently won best film at the Irish Science Fiction awards.

Simon has recently continued to adapt his directorial style shooting award winning comedy work in Ireland (Lotto and Today FM) and in Australia for Kleenheat and Australian Road Safety, Kleenheat winning a Silver for best direction at the PADC awards.

As his international client base has grown Simon has recently also shot a 7 and a half minute commission for Burger King for French agency Buzzman, which also won several awards.[/accordion_item]

Performance – Comedy – Dialogue – Mockumentary

[accordion_item title=”SPENDSER”]Having won the whole world with his humor, SPENDSER likes to go where no one has gone before. Always chasing the timing of delivery, the little movement, the inner dialogue that makes us smile and recognize our own life, he has an innate understanding of humor rarely seen on screen.[/accordion_item]

Comedy – Performance – Dialogue

[accordion_item title=”STEVE GREEN”]Steve is British but spends most of his time between London, Barcelona with the occasional trip to Dublin. Some say that he has perfect pitch but does not sing, a pilots license yet he drives a car. Others say that he was left handed until the age of 4 when his pre-school teacher “corrected that”. Apparently he owns a bathing suit but choses not to use it.

Clearly Steve does not fit nicely into a tidy box. It has also been said that growing up an outsider is what shaped his sensibility and subsequently allowed him to create the beautiful, real, touching films that he does. Steve is a natural visual story teller and has been working with some of the worlds major brands humanizing their stories as well.[/accordion_item]

Performance – Visual Storytelling – Lifestyle – Cinematic

[accordion_item title=”SUNE ALBINUS”]Born and raised in Copenhagen and Brooklyn, very few people understand western culture as well as Sune Lykke Albinus.

Always exploring new trends, style, fashion and the unknown he wants to venture, where the cutting edge ideas evoke true emotional involvement in audiences.[/accordion_item]

Lifestyle – Visual Storytelling – Cinematic – Performance

[accordion_item title=”TIM GRANT”]Tim Grant was born in Douglasville, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta. Self-taught, Tim has produced and directed films that have premiered at Sundance, screened at dozens of film festivals across North America including SxSW, and sold to HBO and Netflix.

Tim’s documentary work includes television, short and feature films. He’s directed docu-style ads for companies like Airbnb and Gold’s Gym. Tim co-produced ‘Finders Keepers’, a film he helped complete after production had stalled for three years. ‘Finders Keepers’ premiered at the 2015 Sundance film festival and gained universal critical acclaim. It would go on to SxSW, Hot Docs, and Traverse City, where it won ‘best comedy’. ‘Finders Keepers’ is currently playing on Netflix.

Tim produced J. Cole’s ‘4 Your Eyez Only’ and ‘J. Cole Forest Hills Drive: Homecoming’, both upon completion were acquired by HBO and have been well received by critics and fans alike. His short documentary film ‘The Aria of baby face Cauliflower Brown’ will have its international premiere at Hot Docs April 28th, 2017.[/accordion_item]

Visual Storytelling – Documentary – Dialogue

[accordion_item title=”GREENWOOD”]“Greenwood” are a director-duo formed by a singular vision.

They have committed themselves to be genuine storytellers and fervent observers of mankind. Their work can be described as story-driven with a distinctive visual style, combined with a keen eye for subtlety and detail, strengthened by underlying emotions. While always capturing the grace in reality, they put the highest standards onto their work work.

Greenwood have made films all over the world, from Africa, across Europe, to the USA.[/accordion_item]

Visual Storytelling – Documentary – Cinematic – Dialogue

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